No-Knead Brioche

Author: ATK/Cook's Difficulty: Intermediate
Source: Cook's Illustrated Added: 2020-03-25
Total Time: 21 hrs, 55 min
Solve for   and finish at

Step When Directions Then Wait... Notes
1. Sun 02:00 Whisk together ingredients, cover, and let stand 10 minutes. h   m
2. Sun 02:10 Fold #1, then cover and let rise. h   m 4 total folds, 30m between.
3. Sun 02:40 Fold #2, then cover and let rise. h   m
4. Sun 03:10 Fold #3, then cover and let rise. h   m
5. Sun 03:40 Fold #4, then cover tightly with plastic wrap and refrigerate. h   m 16 to 48 hours
6. Sun 19:40 Divide & shape h   m Let rest for 5m
7. Sun 19:45 Re-shape in baking pans; cover for second rise. h   m 1½ to 2hrs (minus 30m to preheat)
8. Sun 20:45 Pre-heat oven (with baking stone/steel) to 350°F h   m
9. Sun 21:15 Brush loaves with egg wash h   m
10. Sun 21:15 Bake to 190°F internal temp, rotating halfway through h   m 35 to 45 minutes
11. Sun 21:50 Remove pans from oven, place on wire rack h   m
12. Sun 21:55 Remove loaves from pans, let cool h   m