Saturday White Bread

Author: Ken Forkish Difficulty: Beginner
Source: Flour Water Salt Yeast Added: 2020-03-25
Total Time: 8 hrs
Solve for   and finish at

Step When Directions Then Wait... Notes
1. Sun 02:00 Autolyse h   m 20 to 30 min
2. Sun 02:25 Mix the dough h   m ~15min until the first fold
3. Sun 02:40 Fold #1 h   m 15min between folds
4. Sun 02:55 Fold #2 h   m ~5 hours total after mixing the dough
5. Sun 07:25 Divide & shape h   m
6. Sun 07:25 Proof at room temp h   m 1 to 1½ hours total, depending on ambient temp. Preheat while proofing.
7. Sun 08:10 Preheat to 475°F h   m Place dutch ovens inside the oven before preheating
8. Sun 08:55 Bake (lid on) h   m Remove lid after 30 minutes
9. Sun 09:25 Bake (lid off) h   m Reduce heat to 425°F, then bake 15 to 20min
10. Sun 09:40 Remove and cool h   m Let cool before slicing