Country Sourdough: Pain de Campagne

Author: Ken Forkish Difficulty: Advanced
Source: Flour Water Salt Yeast Added: 2020-03-25
Total Time: 1 day, 21 hrs, 25 min
Solve for   and finish at

Step When Directions Then Wait... Notes
1. Tue 10:55 Revive stored levain h   m 12-24 hours. Repeat as necessary, or skip entirely if your starter is already active.
2. Wed 06:55 Feed the levain h   m 6-8 hours. Levain must already be mature and active before this step.
3. Wed 13:55 Autolyse h   m 20-30 minutes
4. Wed 14:15 Mix the dough h   m Wait until dough is 2½ times its original volume, ~5hrs total. Rest 15min before fold #1.
5. Wed 14:30 Fold #1 (of 4) h   m Fold 3 to 4 times within the first two hours, ~15min between folds
6. Wed 14:45 Fold #2 (of 4) h   m
7. Wed 15:00 Fold #3 (of 4) h   m Depending on feel, this dough may not need a 4th fold.
8. Wed 15:15 Fold #4 (of 4), if needed h   m Only if needed. Wait until dough is ~2½ times its original volume, ~5hrs total after mixing.
9. Wed 19:15 Divide & shape h   m
10. Wed 19:15 Proof in the fridge h   m 12 to 14hrs, minus preheat time
11. Thu 06:30 Preheat to 475°F h   m Place both dutch ovens inside the oven before preheating
12. Thu 07:15 Bake (lids on) h   m 30 minutes with lids on
13. Thu 07:45 Bake (lids off) h   m Remove lids, reduce heat to 425°F, then bake 15 to 20min
14. Thu 08:00 Remove from oven h   m Cool for ~20 minutes before slicing.